Vaisala Digital chills with Wx Horizon

System analyses and visualises road data to help winter driving
Air Quality & Weather Systems / June 19, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Edmonton icy roads - CREDIT David Arminas
Pass the salt, please: Wx Horizon helps prioritise treatments (© David Arminas/World Highways)

Vaisala Digital has launched Wx Horizon to manage the impact of winter weather upon ground transportation.

The company says this is a first-of-its-kind digital service offering.

Wx Horizon aggregates, analyses and visualises real-time road data from mobile sensors, Internet of Things sensors, road weather information systems and environmental sensor stations using a secure, cloud-hosted interface.

In this way, it provides municipalities and state departments of transportation with a clear picture of the road state so decision-makers can take immediate action to ensure safety on their roadways.

“By knowing when the storm will occur and the form it will take, agencies can better optimise resources to respond to that event,” said Markus Melin, vice president of Vaisala Digital.

After analysing current and forecasted conditions, Wx Horizon helps managers prioritise treatments, optimise salt and liquid usage and plan equipment resources efficiently to combat the impact of winter weather on roadways.

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