May 17, 2022
Bus scheduling specialist says it's first tech firm in public transport to achieve $1bn valuation
May 17, 2022
Research from Women in Transport & Voi Technology lays out issues and suggests ways forward
May 16, 2022
€24m dynamic tolling contract for Ayalon Highway includes 80 free-flow booths to ease jams
May 16, 2022
CAN$1.2m deal involves replacing VWiM sites with technology upgrades in US state
May 13, 2022
New contactless payment system from Transit and Masabi will begin on 12 June
May 12, 2022
Companies aim to deploy Sango passenger-share vehicles worldwide from 2025 onwards
May 11, 2022
Data visibility will help optimise logistics planning and last-mile delivery, companies say
May 10, 2022
Event takes place in Toulouse from 30 May to 1 June and focuses on smart mobility
May 10, 2022
School zone safety project, with signalised pedestrian-only intersection, impresses Caltrans
May 9, 2022
System-on-chips will be used to help in providing assisted and automated driving