April 12, 2024
Signal Trends should allow more efficient, data-driven prioritisation of signal retiming
April 11, 2024
Carrida's product is an 'entry-price' camera with a large detection range of 16m
April 5, 2024
AI dash cams and driver coaching tools will incentivise drivers to create safety culture
March 19, 2024
Hardware and AI-powered software combine in Vitronic's red light enforcement system
March 18, 2024
Urban mobility app now has functionality for public & shared transport use between cities
March 15, 2024
Umo Handheld Reader pairs Cubic software with Samsung’s off-the-shelf fare collection device
March 11, 2024
First installation of Yunex Traffic's intersection controller is in the city of Salina
March 4, 2024
Small mobile speed camera comes with carrying case plus a long-life battery