Xperience 10G with EtherWAN's EX78900X Series

Xperience greater bandwidth and faster speeds with EtherWAN's EX78900X Series. As devices on the edge become more data-intensive, more bandwidth is needed. It’s time to move to 10G! Make the switch before your network becomes obsolete
April 1, 2021

The EX78934X is a hardened, managed PoE switch, built to support the latest IEEE 802.3bt PoE protocol. Next generation PoE and ultra-fast speeds allow for a wide range of devices to be powered and connected to the network. This powerhouse duo of 12 PoE ports, each providing up to 90W power to compatible devices, along with (4) 10-gigabit uplink ports, is completely unseen in the market and will revolutionize your network.