Classification & Data Collection

March 1, 2023
Adding micromobility hazard detection to iMAAP platform will improve road safety
February 28, 2023
New York's transit agency says commute times for bus riders have been cut
February 24, 2023
Paramics Discovery 26 modelling software now allows active travel microsimulation
February 24, 2023
Virtual sensors will help organisations integrate disparate data sources into operations
February 23, 2023
Awards reflect the 'outstanding productivity, innovation, and creativity' of ITS sector
February 15, 2023
Bus routing specialist finds user experience among the key priorities for sector in 2023
February 9, 2023
Drivers on E-67 highway around Latvian capital Riga will benefit from real-time info
February 8, 2023
But Euro-cities trail badly behind US equivalents in OECD categories like tech infrastructure
February 2, 2023
Connected vehicle data streams will help to enhance traffic and accident alerts
January 30, 2023
Mixed picture in Europe with Latvia and Estonia among countries with cause for concern