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As Swarco McCain takes this opportunity to connect with its customers, peers, and business partners, the company is also looking forward to making new friends and forging new relationships here in Charlotte.
December 9, 2021
Don Maas and Eric Itzel of McCain
Don Maas and Eric Itzel of McCain

Visitors to the Swarco McCain booth will experience the latest in technological and service innovations, central software and signal performance measures.

For instance, the revolutionary McCain ATC cabinet series, combining the best of rack mount and serial-based designs to exceed the needs of today’s LED intersections. Using smarter, high-density components, the company’s cabinets offer advanced traffic control for unparalleled intersection control capabilities.

Cutting-edge controllers are designed to take customers into the future, with scalability and performance, quality, reliability, and innovative features. So too with its proven ATC cabinets that meet the needs of today’s smart cities and are ready for tomorrow’s challenges, including connected and autonomous vehicles.

Visitors to the Swarco McCain booth are invited to discover dynamic message signs that promote road safety and awareness by providing travellers with information about exceptional driving conditions, events, or alerts. With their clear visibility and colour uniformity from any angle, unrivalled contrast ratios, low power draw, and low total cost of ownership, Swarco McCain dynamic signs are the most desirable signs on the market today.

The company also offers a vision for the future of smart, connected, and efficient cities with MyCity, a scalable technology platform that can improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and pollution, increase road safety, and decrease maintenance costs.

Booth: 1519

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