IRD senses broad growth in ITS

With over 40 years as a leader in commercial vehicle enforcement solutions, sensor technologies have always been important to IRD’s business.
December 9, 2021
Michael Wieck (left) and Rish Malhotra of IRD
Michael Wieck (left) and Rish Malhotra of IRD

The broader portfolio of a growing IRD offers even more to the ITS industry, forming the foundation for complex enforcement, port-of-entry, toll, traffic management and security systems.

At this year’s ITS America Annual Meeting, IRD is introducing new products and systems from recently acquired subsidiaries including Icoms Detections, whose microwave-based detection systems are used for traffic management, enforcement and vulnerable road user protection; Sensor Line, a specialist in fibre optic-based technology for tolling classification and cyclist detection; and VDS, developer and supplier of radar-based products for red-light and speed enforcement.  

IRD is also featuring the Tire Anomaly Classification System (TACS). TACS screens commercial vehicles and identifies tyres that are dangerous, such as flat tyres, or underinflated tyres that may pose a safety risk or affect fuel efficiency. Available as a standalone system or integrated with weigh station software, TACS has been adopted by a large number of commercial vehicle enforcement agencies over the past few years and has also been trialled in driver information systems.

All these new technologies are available as simple modular solutions that enable a sustainable route to improve transportation safety and efficiency.

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