$3.9m Tennessee Weigh in Motion deal for IRD

State-wide WiM programme aims to cut overloaded vehicles and reduce road wear and tear
Enforcement / March 12, 2024
By Adam Hill
Weigh in Motion Tennessee data collection © 5m3photos | Dreamstime.com
WiM stations will capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights (© 5m3photos | Dreamstime.com)

International Road Dynamics (IRD) has been awarded a $3.9 million contract by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDoT) to install Weigh in Motion (WiM) systems at 28 sites on interstate and state routes across Tennessee, US.

IRD, a subsidiary of Quarterhill, expects to complete the installation - its first in the state - in May 2025.

"We are pleased to collaborate with TDoT on this project to elevate highway safety and efficiency in Tennessee," said Chuck Myers, CEO of Quarterhill. "The deployment of advanced WiM systems will provide vital data to facilitate effective enforcement, enhance asset management, and significantly improve the safety of Tennessee's highways."

The state-wide WiM programme will capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as well as data on commercial vehicle characteristics in certain transit corridors for asset management and design improvements.

Some of the WIM sites are co-located with enforcement sites operated by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, who will integrate their commercial vehicle inspection program with the WiM data. 

The WiM systems can determine whether trucks are overloaded so they can be routed to inspection stations for ticketing, thus cutting down on damage to infrastructure - and reducing the number unsafe vehicles on the road. 

IRD says there is "also the potential for future upgrades of the sites with e-screening technology to automate the evaluation of driver and trucking company safety ratings, resulting in enhanced enforcement capabilities and further improvements to highway safety".

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