$10.2m Hawaii traffic monitoring deal for IRD

Five-year contract sees Canadian firm responsible for data collection across 91 sites
Enforcement / September 20, 2023
By Adam Hill
Traffic information data collection Weigh in Motion Hawaii © Iofoto | Dreamstime.com
Hawaii DoT: long-term relationship with IRD (© Iofoto | Dreamstime.com)

International Road Dynamics (IRD) has been awarded a $10.2m continuous traffic monitoring (CTM) contract by Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDoT).

The five-year deal will see IRD collect traffic volume, speed, vehicle classification and weight data.

There are currently 91 CTM sites in operation, with more to be added, and IRD will be responsible for the operation, data collection, data reporting, maintenance and repair of them all, along with additional equipment installation. 

HDoT is to convert one existing CTM site per year into a video-based vehicle classification site during the term of the contract, with IRD supplying the iTheia AI classification system.

Existing HDoT Weigh in Motion sites have been equipped to function as virtual weigh stations to provide per-vehicle data and around 12 stations have overview cameras to produce images that will be made available with real-time data and reports.

Data from the CTM systems will be used for traffic planning, noise studies and changes in highway travel patterns.

Chuck Myers, CEO of Quarterhill, says: "Long-term relationships, such as the one we have with HDoT, provide us with a solid base from which we can introduce new enforcement solutions that further help customers meet their transportation management goals."

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