IRD wins $5.7m WiM upgrade contract with District of Columbia

DDoT deal will see new features added to three legacy WiM systems in DC
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / June 23, 2023
By Adam Hill
Weigh in Motion legacy systems District of Columbia © Lunamarina |
IRD goes to DC (© Lunamarina |

International Road Dynamics has been awarded a $5.7m contract to upgrade three of its legacy Weigh in Motion systems with the District of Columbia’s District Department of Transportation (DDoT)

IRD owner Quarterhill says the systems will be augmented "to perform commercial vehicle enforcement". 

Currently the systems use single load cell (SLC) WiM scales, which will be reconditioned with new load cells and platforms installed in the existing frames.

The scales have provided "continuous service for over 15 years" - a much longer life than is typical for WiM sensors, IRD insists.

The upgraded scales will have new cameras, licence plate readers, iSINC system electronics, Virtual Weigh Station software, an intelligent roadside operation computer and dynamic message signs.

DDoT end users will have complete remote access to commercial vehicle records using a laptop, IRD says.

The remote user is also able to control the message signs that direct vehicles to report for inspection and issue of overweight citations.

The company says the upgrade will improve safety and reduce cost of repairs to infrastructure, as well as boosting revenue as weight limits will be enforced and fines issued.

"With access to real-time data on truck weights and other characteristics, enforcement personnel can more easily identify violations and target their efforts where they are most needed," the company says in a statement.

Rish Malhotra, IRD president and CEO, says: “The SLC WiM system is one of the foundational technologies that built IRD’s reputation, and we’re pleased to see one of our longstanding customers continue to build their projects around our most durable WiM offering."

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