Qualcomm on track to help VRUs

Qualcomm is well-known for integrating its Vehicle to Everything (V2X) technology into cars – but it is now turning its attention to cyclists. The company is putting its efforts into increasing the visibility of vulnerable road users (VRUs), adding sensors to bicycles which will alert vehicles to their presence and increase safety.
December 8, 2021


“It’s the same chipset, the same technology,” says Praveen Singh director (pictured), business development, at Qualcomm. “We’re trying to bring VRUs to the same safety standard as cars. A lot of car manufacturers are interested in the technology, they’re keen to see how this would work for them.”

Recent statistics regarding road deaths in the US have been sobering – despite reduced vehicle miles travelled during the Covid pandemic, fatalities actually rose. “VRU fatalities are increasing at a faster pace,” says Singh. He believes the rise in popularity of high-speed electric bikes also creates potential vulnerabilities. “We’re working with the bike OEMs to eventually integrate V2X tech into bikes,” Singh said. “Also there is a huge aftermarket for accessories.”

Cyclists wear reflective clothing and flashing lights, and Qualcomm’s solution will create even more visibility, says Singh: “We’re providing a wireless signal that can be seen across trees and buildings.”

The solution is expected to be out in the second half of 2022.

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