Cubic puts HDR tech in enhanced Gridsmart cameras

Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) is in Grapevine to showcase the latest improvements to its Gridsmart cameras product line that allow traffic professionals to detect and track vehicles and pedestrians with more clarity than ever.
April 26, 2023
Toshya Leonard of Cubic
Toshya Leonard of Cubic

Higher-quality imaging and image stabilisation give traffic agencies better insight into roadway and intersection conditions. Built with durability, the enhanced cameras provide all road users with a safer and more efficient intersection experience.

“While it’s exciting to be leading new applications of technology and AI, Cubic always remembers that transportation is about people - people moving safely, freely and efficiently,” said Jeff Price, VP and general manager, Cubic ITS.

“These third-generation cameras have capabilities that improve image quality in challenging conditions, empowering traffic agencies with an improved product for road safety.”

The enhanced Gridsmart cameras continue the evolution of Cubic’s ITS portfolio of congestion management solutions. The FE3 is an enhancement of the Gridsmart iconic fisheye camera and now includes multi-exposure high dynamic range (HDR) technology that improves image quality in challenging, variable lighting conditions. For advanced detection, the AC3 camera delivers state-of-the-art image stabilisation, improving range and accuracy even in high winds.

Visitors will recognise the iconic bell of the FE3 and the familiar form of the AC3 hardware with the same mounting kits as previous generations, including pole assemblies and junction boxes.

These enhanced cameras will begin shipping at the end of April and require Gridsmart software version 23.1.

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