Q-Free uses AI to transform Weigh in Motion and classification

Q-Free is showing off the Q-Free Hi-Trac TMU4 at this year’s ITS America event. The company says it is a best-in-class, high-speed traffic data collection and WIM system that leverages artificial intelligence for unrivalled accuracy. The single device supports up to 16 lanes of traffic at once, using AI analysis combined with in-ground sensors to collect vehicle data.
April 16, 2023


How does this separate Q-Free’s technology from the rest? The company says the system has learned from tens of thousands of data points to build a complex algorithm that identifies vehicle class with pinpoint accuracy. The system then uses the established database to accurately classify vehicles, even in uncommon situations involving vehicles towing other vehicles. Q-Free says the class and weight data are so accurate, it is being used in many countries for direct enforcement of weight violators to protect critical infrastructure on the transportation network.

Best of all, the AI can compensate for underachieving sites where missing or broken in-ground sensors otherwise lead to compromised data collection; with the algorithm and software doing the bulk of the heavy lifting for high-accuracy returns. In addition to improving the accuracy and scalability of existing networks, the installation and upkeep are minimal investments. And the entire system melds perfectly with the Q-Free Kinetic Mobility platform, bringing unprecedented power and control over traffic systems.

Q-Free will be providing live demonstrations of its AI-powered weigh-in-motion and classification system, along with the latest cutting-edge traffic technology, at its booth.
Booth: 705

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