Your chance to get Sassy with Q-Free

The ITS America Conference & Expo gets big in Texas this week, and Q-Free is here to show off a Texas-sized evolution in intelligent transport systems. Visitors can discover SaaS and Kinetic Mobility at the company’s booth.
April 25, 2023
The Q-Free team at the booth
The Q-Free team at the booth

The Software as a Service (SaaS) software delivery and licensing method, in which software is accessed online via a subscription rather than bought and installed on individual computers, isn’t a new idea to transport; some services have already adapted to take advantage of SaaS delivery.

However, Q-Free has built Kinetic Mobility, the first advanced transportation management software (ATMS) system designed to be a SaaS-deliverable from the ground up.

Kinetic Mobility is ready to take off and deliver advantages and benefits to all users. Deploying this ATMS as a SaaS model delivers distinct advantages over legacy systems. Initial startup costs are low and equipment costs are minimal since most modern devices on a secure network can log into Kinetic Mobility servers.

Speaking of servers, agencies won’t have to pay for or maintain servers – a huge bonus given often limited IT resources. Best of all, agencies only pay for what they need as Q-Free’s entire Kinetic Mobility platform is customisable and discounted based on device volume and contract terms.

ITS America is the perfect place to extend SaaS advantages to across the entire Kinetic Mobility platform. Visitors can discover, connect, and learn with Q-Free and start on the journey to where this transformative technology leads.

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