C-ITS from Monotch & Be-Mobile

Late yesterday afternoon here at the ITS World Congress, Dutch and Flemish smart mobility specialists Monotch and Be-Mobile signed a partnership agreement for the realisation and upscaling of C-ITS services in the Netherlands, Flanders, France and the rest of Europe
October 13, 2021
Menno Malta and Jorn de Vries signing the new partnership
Menno Malta and Jorn de Vries signing the new partnership

Both parties underline the importance of a fully operational C-ITS ecosystem which provides many benefits such as improving traffic flows and road safety, prioritising road users and reducing emissions. By teaming up, Monotch and Be-Mobile are able to serve the entire mobility ecosystem and offer cities, road authorities and road users excellent opportunities to deploy C-ITS services to their fullest potential.

Both parties continue building on the successful cooperation and realisation of C-ITS use cases in the Netherlands and their joint tender submission for the Mobilidata programme in Flanders. The Be-Mobile C-ITS data and use case aggregation, the Flitsmeister traveller information and payments services, and the Monotch data aggregation platform (TLEX) will clearly reinforce each other. Road users will directly benefit from the combined market-ready C-ITS solutions such as in-car signage and hazardous situation notifications. The partnership prepares the infrastructure for connected and automated mobility and enables a large-scale roll-out of C-ITS services in Europe.

“Be-Mobile and Monotch not only share the vision of C-ITS, but also have the drive to provide high-quality and scalable services that directly benefit cities, road authorities and road users,” said Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch (left).

Jorn de Vries, CCO at Be-Mobile (right), adds that all parties will have a complementary role. “Together we can serve the entire value chain. This makes us the ideal partner for cities, road operators and other stakeholders to let C-ITS come to life everywhere in Europe.”

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