Efkon integrates DSRC into vehicle interior

While millions of DSRC On Board Units installed worldwide are mounted behind the vehicle’s windshield, Efkon has developed a solution allowing seamless integration of the technology into the vehicle interior, which it will present in Hamburg
September 15, 2021

Technically, the small, barely visible electronic device is installed behind the windshield and connected to the control unit located in the interior via a standardised cable harness. It contains a display as well as a slot for using contactless payment cards. The display shows the credit on the prepaid card. During the passage through a toll station, the toll amount due is debited and displayed. Efkon has developed the patented module for production in Asia.

Major automobile manufacturers, for example Toyota, install the modules directly during production. Aftermarket integration is supported as well. Efkon says its solution is a forward-looking step towards free-flow tolling and is enjoying increasing popularity and acceptance by the customers.

EFKON is presenting the integrated DSRC module and other innovative products for electronic tolling, tachograph and enforcement in Hamburg.

Stand B5.005

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