The essence of Peek Traffic’s GreenFlow

Emergency vehicles en route to an incident, have to cross intersections through red lights. Crossing of these intersections is slow and unsafe. Giving them a green light on the route saves time and therefore lives. This is the essence of GreenFlow from Peek Traffic by Dynniq, and the power of C-ITS which will feature in Hamburg
September 15, 2021
Dynniq ITS WC


GreenFlow connects individual vehicles with traffic lights. This enables communication between road users with traffic lights they are approaching. The driver receives feedback on the result of the priority request and obtains information about the traffic lights they are approaching, such as time-to-red, time-to-green, or a speed advice to ensure that they can drive through the green light without stopping.

Peek says this technology is a very innovative instrument to many cities, municipalities and provinces and offers many possibilities for implementing traffic policy, while stimulating a safe and fast traffic flow. In addition, the company’s priority services have specific applications for specific road users.

Stand B5.101

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