Gewi - TIC for Cycling

For many years, Gewi’s TIC software product has been used globally by road agencies and service providers to keep drivers informed and enable road operators to monitor, manage and maintain their networks.
September 30, 2021
© Svetlanais |
© Svetlanais |

Now however, the company has developed the software to address other forms of mobility. Visitors to the Gewi Europe stand at the ITS World Congress will see the latest innovation - TIC for Cycling, reflecting the massive growth in new mobility.

The world is seeing a considerable shift in both travel demand and the way people get around, in part due to the pandemic. For instance, cycling has seen massive growth with governments and transportation agencies investing heavily in creating a safer and greener transport network which supports cycling as a key means of transport. Dedicated cycle ways and roads that support shared cycle space are seeing unprecedented growth.

As Gewi points out, just like the road network, cycle ways are open to problems and incidents, for instance closures, hazards, weather events, and will require maintaining if they are to support and encourage more and more users.

TIC for Cycling captures information about problems affecting a route from a whole range of sources including crowd-sourced information, sensors, weather data service providers, or disaster warning service providers.

The software enables transport agencies to manage cycleways and paths and gives them the ability to inform, in real-time, cyclists and other users about any issues which may have an impact on cycling, just as they can inform drivers using the road network.

Stand: B5.012

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