Houston Radar to feature SpeedLane Pro and Tetryon solutions

US-based Houston Radar, a leading supplier of Doppler and FMCW radars for the traffic industry with customers in over 55 countries, will feature three major product innovations – SpeedLane Pro, Tetryon traffic cloud server, Armadillo Tracker and the Armadillo Crossfire
September 16, 2021
Houston Radar ITSWC

Houston Radar SpeedLane Pro is an industry-leading true dual-beam, ultra-low power side-fire radar. It is designed to accurately detect lane, speed, and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters in up to 16 lanes on the road in all weather conditions. The SpeedLane won the 2016 Intertraffic Award in the Traffic Management Category.

The product is complemented by Houston Radar’s Tetryon traffic server; a customisable cloud server used to aggregate data from multiple SpeedLane Pro and Armadillo units in one central location. The products are designed to seamlessly integrate out of the box to enable rapid deployment of customers’ traffic data on the web.

The Armadillo Tracker, a highly portable, fully integrated multi-lane bi-directional traffic statistics gathering device, is a leading non-intrusive collector used around the world that is designed to replace road tubes. Houston Radar says it is also the smallest and most convenient radar-based stats collection box. The device collects individual time-stamped vehicle counts, speeds and class per direction in up to two adjacent lanes, making it a perfect fit for traffic monitoring and speed study applications.

Stand B5.013 

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