Jenoptik – Driving Future Mobility at ITS World Congress

Jenoptik Light & Safety will present innovative and industry-leading solutions from various application areas around traffic monitoring, public safety and road-user charging. With a presence in more than 80 countries and supported by a strong partner network, Jenoptik says it has supplied and installed over 30,000 systems worldwide
September 16, 2021
Jenoptik ITSWC


Visitors to the stand will be able to see the multifunctional TraffiTower, which flexibly and modularly combines applications including speed and red-light monitoring, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and road-user charging. The TraffiTower can be operated autonomously for weeks independently of a connection to the power grid. All applications are supported by a powerful back office that uses artificial intelligence to analyse the multitude of data collected in real time and reports hazard alerts, rule violations and other anomalies.

Also being highlighted in Hamburg will be Jenoptik's clean air solutions that help communities and governments effectively reduce emissions in a variety of ways. These solutions provide traffic managers with a valuable and highly cost-effective tool to reduce air pollution.

With experience from one of the largest toll projects in the world, Jenoptik will also highlight its expertise and competence in all aspects of road-user charging.

With innovation as the driving force, Jenoptik Light & Safety is a global leader whose intelligent solutions are constantly evolving and helping to make roads and communities safer, reduce congestion and emissions, and meet the challenges of future mobility.

Stand B4.EG110

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