Kistler weighs in with KiTraffic plus

Heavy traffic can seriously strain infrastructure and compromise road safety, but measurement technology expert Kistler has created a comprehensive solution. The company is showcasing its modular KiTraffic Plus system that reliably detects overloaded trucks, flat tyres and registers vehicle dimensions - all without hindering traffic flow. Appropriate measures can then be enforced to safeguard roads
October 12, 2021


Weigh in Motion measurement chains form the basis for KiTraffic Plus. They consist of piezoelectric quartz sensors embedded in the road, measurement peripherals and corresponding software. If required, Kistler can also equip the system with supplementary measurement technology from third-party suppliers, such as cameras for automatic licence plate recognition, measurement technology that records vehicle dimensions and systems for speed control.

Kistler says that KiTraffic Plus features a versatile software package that provides access to live data for pre-selection during traffic controls. It also records the status of the vehicle, including all measured parameters, overview image and indications of violations. KiTraffic Plus has already been introduced at several locations in Switzerland for the pre-selection of overloaded vehicles.

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