With Lidar, Outsight thrives on the edge

Outsight, the pioneer of 3D spatial intelligence solutions, announced today an ITS-specific version of its award-winning flagship product: the Augmented Lidar Box (ALB)
October 13, 2021
Cindy Brugnon of Outsight
Cindy Brugnon of Outsight

It’s the first real-time Lidar software engine that allows ITS and smart infrastructure application developers and integrators to seamlessly use Lidar data from any hardware supplier – thanks to a solution that comes in a shape of a small edge computing device.

Created as a turnkey solution, the ALB enables leveraging 3D spatial intelligence’s unique value while avoiding the complexity of processing 3D data in real-time from a myriad of sensor manufacturers. Among its features, it provides a hardware abstraction layer that delivers actionable insights in an open and standard data format regardless of the Lidar proprietary input stream, together with a set of commonly-required features such as object detection and tracking, localisation and classification.

Because it only requires an ARM CPU and its AI doesn’t rely on machine learning, the solution is power-efficient and doesn’t need any training or annotation efforts.

Being a Lidar-agnostic solution, it saves ITS integrators the hassle of assessing and choosing the most appropriate Lidar for each use case. Lidar can now be easily used in vehicle counting and classification, pedestrian flow monitoring, smart intersections and many other use cases.

Outsight will be showcasing the technology with live demos at its stand.

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