Raptor ready to rumble for PSS

PSS has now integrated its Raptor rumble strip handling machine into i-Cone’s IoR – Internet of Roadwork - technology that interfaces with existing traffic control equipment
October 14, 2021
Hamburg lake


The Raptor, mounted on the front of a road works service vehicle, intermittently drops flexible lane-wide rumble strips to alert approaching drivers that they must slow down. Raptor’s lane-wide magnetic bar pulls a rumble strip from a tray, moves it out from the truck and lowers it onto the road, releasing it several centimetres above the surface. By connecting Raptor to i-Cone’s IoR, traffic controllers know how many strips have been laid down, when they were taken up and so when to allow traffic back into a lane. The system will create a historical record of work zone activity for highway agencies.

Meanwhile, i-Cone’s IoR reports work zone data directly to navigation systems and connected vehicles  to provide drivers with real-time situation awareness. Drivers will see geo-located work zones and other roadside activity on their navigation application GPS dashboard, such as Google Maps and Waze.

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