Yunex is in tune with Symphony

Imagine this: traffic lights that automatically adapt traffic flow to reduce emissions, operators who keep a watchful eye on traffic forecasts to proactively resolve congestion before it actually happens, and smart solutions for orchestrating all modes of mobility so that road users and passengers alike reach their destination safer, faster, and more sustainably. Sound like a fantasy? Far from it
October 12, 2021
Claus Beringer of Yunex
Claus Beringer of Yunex

Yunex Traffic has launched its Sitraffic Symphony intelligent traffic management platform to help cities orchestrate urban mobility. By using data from many different sources, Yunex says Symphony can create a comprehensive view of current traffic conditions and provide insights to aid incident management, congestion management and environmental traffic management — both in and between cities.

Sitraffic Symphony can also make recommendations on how to divert traffic from an incident or reduce traffic in hot spots, create fast lanes for priority transport, and even propose alternative modes of transport for road users.

“Customers can deploy it in the cloud or on their premises,” explains Claus Beringer, Yunex’s senior vice president, traffic management platform. “It's open, so they can get and share data, and it’s secure.

It has a completely new user interface with flexible workflows that we also co-created with customers, and it's future-proof. Customers can grow Symphony with their needs, they can add and co-create modules to take advantage of upcoming technologies in traffic management.”

Symphony will replace the company’s existing Concert solution, Beringer says: “It gives the customer the power to improve safety, to improve quality of life, and to take climate action - all in one technical platform.”

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