Iteris tackles scourge of red light crashes

A 2019 AAA survey reported that 31% of drivers admitted to running a red light within the last 30 days. When vehicles dangerously accelerate upon approaching a stable green signal, what if you could hold the opposing traffic’s red light until the offending vehicle was safely through the intersection? Now you can.
September 19, 2022
Joe Bergera of Iteris
Joe Bergera of Iteris

Iteris Red Extend works with a Vantage Vector advanced radar detection camera placed strategically in front of the traffic signal. This enables it to communicate to the signal controller whenever a vehicle is approaching that - due to its speed and proximity to the signal - will not stop for the light. The company is providing free demonstrations all this week.

“Red Extend alerts the traffic signal controller to automatically extend the opposing red light until the speeding vehicle is safely through the intersection,” explains Iteris CEO Joe Bergera. “Iteris is always looking to improve our technology to make roadways safer, and the Vantage Vector sensor empowered with Red Extend is a great example.”

Automated real-time signal adjustments can drastically reduce the amount of red-light running crashes in a city. In the city of Lakeland, FL, for example, Vantage Vector red-light running cameras were added to identify dangerous speeding in this dilemma zone.

Extrapolating from the alarming AAA driver survey data, cities like Lakeland that have over 170 signalised intersections and approximately 46,000 people driving alone to work daily could potentially avoid up to 14,000 red-light runs per month with Iteris Red Extend.

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