Swarco’s MyCity empowers incident mitigation

Visitors to the Swarco stand will be introduced to the company’s MyCity mobility management solutions.
September 19, 2022
Kevin Drummond  and Brian Wagner
Kevin Drummond and Brian Wagner

MyCity is a technology platform and web-based solution that combines the data and operations of distinct transportation applications and devices into a single unified experience. The functional integration of multiple ITS technologies enables transportation agencies to fully capitalise on existing and future infrastructure investments while enhancing the safety and efficiency of urban mobility today.

Most recently, Swarco has collaborated with Microtraffic to enable the visualisation and reporting of near-miss and intersection risk data within MyCity. When combined with MyCity analytics and traffic management, users will be able to identify high-risk intersections and implement mitigation strategies.

They will also be able to measure the effectiveness of measures intended to improve safety and realise the global and local goals of Vision Zero.  

Additionally, MyCity features the ability to collect, store, and display travel/journey time data from Swarco's partner TomTom, which transforms an agency’s ability to perform travel studies and monitor current traffic conditions.

Also featured at the Swarco stand is the McCain ATC Cabinets/Controllers Series and drone footage of an LED-based changeable message sign installed on California Highway 99. Visitors will also get insights into Swarco’s high-quality road marking systems and their crucial role in paving the way for automated driving.

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