Axis outlines keys to fully-optimised traffic surveillance

To showcase why a focused suite of traffic surveillance solutions is critical to efficiently manage the road, Axis Communications, a leader of IP-based products and solutions that offers a purpose-built portfolio for roadside surveillance, has created a new infographic called “Total surveillance solutions for traffic management.”
November 16, 2020


Outlined in the infographic are the key products for a fully-optimised traffic surveillance system including high-quality thermal network cameras, giving reliable 24/7 detection in any light condition, and PTZ network cameras for roadway wide-area coverage which are able to withstand the toughest conditions. A licence plate network camera is also called out in the infographic – which is dedicated for capturing sharp images at high speeds. The Axis Q1700-LE licence plate camera is designed for third-party software that allows for applications such as plate recognition and vehicle classification and counting.

The infographic also highlights the importance of real-time situational awareness and several advanced traffic applications, such as automatic incident detection and near-miss detection, that can give either real-time or historical data for managing the road.

To see the full surveillance offerings that Axis recommends for traffic management applications, download the full infographic.

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