Improving your commute a cloud at a time via Amazon Web Services

Our cities are becoming smarter and faster every day, and as the modern city evolves so does its transportation offerings.
November 18, 2020
Amazon AWS


By migrating transportation services to the cloud, cities can evolve to meet citizens' transportation needs. To meet modern-day travellers’ expectations, the cloud drives innovation by providing real-time analytics and predictive modelling that can make transportation easier and faster.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) works with leading transportation technologies to help build cloud solutions for mass transit, tollways, departments of transportation, and more. These transportation solutions enable constituent service improvements, making streets safer, improving urban mobility, and delivering savings.

For example, Transport for New South Wales in Australia uses the cloud to predict patronage numbers across the entire transport network, enabling the agency to better plan workforce and asset utilisation and improve customer satisfaction.

Using open data, Transport for London helps users plan 31 million journeys a day and has been used by 83 per cent of Londoners.

And for cities like Louisville, Kentucky, the cloud provided a way to collect and understand data for more informed decision making on traffic and congestion.

From managing traffic signals and intersection surveillance to smart parking and improved public transportation, AWS says it can help create meaningful, personalised, greener, safer, and reliable experiences for users.

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