Cranberry Township deploys Centracs SPM and Edaptive

Cranberry Township, in Pennsylvania, has deployed the Centracs Edaptive solution as part of its ongoing proactive plans to leverage leading-edge technologies in addressing traffic congestion.
November 17, 2020
Econolite ITSWC2


The township, in the fast-growing Pittsburgh suburb, will use Edaptive as part of Econolite’s Centracs SPM (signal performance measures) solution to help reduce peak commuter traffic congestion, as well as immediately respond to unexpected traffic events.   

Known for being a western Pennsylvania economic and employment centre, Cranberry Township has more jobs than resident population. “The population nearly doubles during the weekdays as 25,000 people make their way into the township for work,” said Kelly Maurer, PE, Cranberry Township assistant director, public works. “The signal performance measures, and real-time adaptive system helps us proactively smooth traffic during rush hours and provides us with the flexibility to immediately address unexpected events that impact traffic such as weather. Edaptive helps us automatically optimise cycles, offsets, and splits to increase arrivals on green, even during highly variable traffic conditions and events.”  

Cranberry Township has taken a leadership approach in addressing traffic conditions from Pittsburgh and neighbouring communities for many years by leveraging ITS technology. Working with partner Path Master, of Twinsburg, Ohio, Econolite helped integrate the real-time adaptive signal control solution.

“The Centracs system really helped increase the township’s operational efficiencies and laid the groundwork for more advanced traffic control like Edaptive,” said Marty McKinney, Cranberry Township manager of traffic operations. “Edaptive is not only helping Cranberry Township; the reduction in congestion and travel times are also benefiting neighbouring communities.”

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