ITS World Congress takes long road to LA

As the epicentre of the movie industry, Los Angeles has seen a few unexpected plot turns in its time.
September 4, 2020
© Justin4155 Dreamstime
© Justin4155 Dreamstime


Following the Covid-induced cancellation of this year’s ITS World Congress, you might be forgiven for thinking that TV coverage of the Oscars red carpet would be the closest you’d get to the City of Angels.

But think again: delegates will be able to make their way in person to the Golden State for the ITS World Congress - although there is a catch: it’s not for another two years.

In a surprise twist of which Hollywood would be proud, ITS America has announced that LA will be host city of ITS World Congress 2022 - the first time it has been held in the US since 2014.

It will run from September 18-22 2022 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“Los Angeles is the perfect venue for the 28th ITS World Congress," said ITS America president & CEO Shailen Bhatt.

"Given the necessity of cancelling this year’s event there, we are particularly pleased to showcase it in 2022. It is a city in which smart mobility is transforming how people get around, which clearly aligns with our vision at ITS America: a better future transformed by mobility – one that is safer, greener and smarter.”

The Chinese city of Suzhou, which had been slated to hold the 2022 event, will now be World Congress host in 2023.

The events alternate between North America, Europe and Asia, with next year's congress still scheduled to be held in Hamburg, Germany.

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