Oriux’s solutions allow cities to manage traffic from anywhere

As we continue to live and work under the “new normal”, the use of mobile technologies has become more important than ever. Web-based systems have allowed us to perform our day-to-day tasks wherever we may be, without exposing ourselves to unnecessary risks.
October 13, 2020


Oriux, the evolution of Peek Traffic, has been providing agencies across North and Latin America with solutions such as Spinnaker, a completely web-based ATMS software allowing users to access real-time traffic data, and to monitor and manage traffic from anywhere.  Another solution is a web server application to remotely and securely access and configure Oriux’s line of ATC controllers through any mobile device with a compatible browser, including Edge, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Spinnaker has been designed to provide users with the most user friendly and intuitive interface. This interface uses modern technologies, like HTML5 and Javascript, allowing it to be viewed through a web browser on multiple mobile devices and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS and Linux), without the need to install any type of local application.

The web server application to access and configure Oriux’s line of ATC controllers is included in GreenWave, Oriux’s Linux-based local intersection software. The company says GreenWave features the most advanced light rail train preemption and transit signal priority features in the traffic industry.

To date, Oriux has deployed more than 60,000 ATC controllers around the world and installed more than 50 central software system products, managing over 5,000 intersections across the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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