Semex deploys RTMS to help Mexico City traffic flow

As congestion and transportation issues continue to impact cities around the world, metropolitan areas are looking for solutions to help solve these issues. Mexico City is one of those cities wanting to solve its congestion problem by integrating a number of ITS technologies to help manage the city’s Infovial road information system.
November 17, 2020


Image Sensing Systems’ partner, Semex, has worked closely with Mexico City’s roadway agencies to deploy 287 RTMS Sx-300 radars in the city. These devices are used to gather volume, classification, speed and occupancy data throughout the roadway network.  The traffic data collected is used to make decisions in real time about roadway operations. Identifying congestion or roadway problems in real-time allows the agency to alert drivers of the situation and provide alternative options to help prevent travel delays and keep traffic moving.

Mexico City’s Infovial road information system covers 350 km (217.5 miles) or approximately 72 per cent of the primary road network. The operation centre monitors and manages 341 sensors and a network of LED variable message signs. The Infovial system collects data 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is shared with different agencies for analysis providing support for improving the traffic flow throughout Mexico City

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