Shimmick’s focus on customer journey mapping

Tolling agencies are looking for better ways to understand their customers’ experiences as part of their continued improvement initiatives
November 16, 2020
Shimmick ITSWC


Shimmick’s O&M division believes focusing on the customer experience is fundamental to building a strong brand and implementing technologies and processes that deliver an excellent customer experience through efficient operations. Shimmick accomplishes this through its tolling-specific customer experience journey mapping process.  This advanced solution reflects the end-to-end experience toll customers have across every touch point in a multi-channel operation including walk-in, IVR, mobile app, chat, email, and others. The journey map can outline why their clients’ customers call their CSC or visit a walk-in centre or website and what the customers are thinking, doing, feeling, and struggling with across their journey. By tracking the customer journey, Shimmick can work with their clients to improve service delivery and ensure an outstanding experience each and every time.

“It’s important for our clients to understand what their customers are actually experiencing," says Scott Wilson, director of Shimmick’s operations. “Whether they are trying to pay a toll invoice, create a new account, or replenish a transponder account, the customer needs to have a clear and easy path to accomplish these tasks. Our customer journey mapping approach allows us to identify gaps in the process, communicate those gaps with our clients, develop solutions and then institute those changes so that each interaction results in the ultimate customer experience.”

Brad White, VP of operations added: “This approach to continued improvement for our clients is an example of Shimmick’s core values which includes complete transparency with our clients and allows us to develop an association based on mutual trust and support. Our clients know that we are committed to them and their customers which leads to long term, deeper connections with them that are based on meaningful, more authentic relationships.”

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