Stringent testing of Traffic Data Systems’ TMCS-IP WIM technology

Germany-headquartered Traffic Data Systems (TDS) has revealed details of a test on its Weigh In Motion (WIM) systems that was undertaken in August and September.
November 16, 2020


The company says it is still the only manufacturer in the world capable of supplying low- and high-speed WIM systems complying with the OIML R134 standard for enforcement and tolling applications.

The recent test was carried over a 10-day cycle with five heavy and two light goods vehicles. These vehicles passed the sensor arrays of TDS’ WIM sites several times with different speeds and weights. In total more than 600 passages were carried out. Each passage was monitored and evaluated by the Swiss Metrological Institute (METAS). Part of these test rides and measuring procedures were also monitored by the German Metrological Institute (PTB).

According to the requirements of some European metrological institutes, the fleet of HGVs also contained two road tankers. Their passages were required to be evaluated with different loads in order to prove that these vehicles in motion with liquids are also weighed correctly. Empty and fully-loaded vehicles are in general no problem. However, the challenge is to weigh half-loaded road tankers correctly since not just the vehicle, but also the whole load, is in motion.

These stringent tests are TDS's first step in order to achieve the next higher accuracy class according to OIML R134 (±2,5% initial verification and ±5% in service) for its TMCS-IP WIM system for a speed range from 5km/h to 120km/h for HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) and up to 140km/h for LGVs (light goods vehicles).

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