SSI unveils windshield transponder 

Atlantis uses crypto technologies to protect data privacy
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / September 16, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Star Systems International windshield transponder open road tolling Atlantis Rain RFID Gen2V2 transponders OmniAir Consortium
SSI says Atlantis is certified to assure interoperability for tolling systems using the ISO 18000 63 standards (image credit: Star Systems International)

Star Systems International (SSI) has launched a windshield transponder which it says gives exceptional performance in high speed and open road tolling environments. 

Atlantis combines superior read sensitivity, a long read range and embedded crypto data security in a passive transponder, the company adds. 

SSI CEO Robert Karr says: “We are excited to introduce the industry’s first certified high security and high performance 6C transponder to the automatic vehicle identification (AVI) community. With its embedded, Over the Air crypto features, Atlantis is the ultimate transponder for applications that require extra security and data protection, such as access control of high security areas like government buildings, military bases and laboratories while still being a great tolling transponder.”

The embedded cryptographic authentication features are based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128) embedded key files and the Rain RFID standard for Gen2V2 transponders.

According to SSI, these features provide up to two additional Over the Air security checks with each transmission.

SSI chief technology officer Stephen Lockhart says: “Atlantis uses cutting-edge crypto technologies to protect data privacy, prevent transponder counterfeiting and ensure that both transponders and readers are authentic. In addition, it is certified by the OmniAir Consortium to assure Interoperability for tolling systems using the ISO 18000 63 standards.”

Atlantis comes with three chip options to cater to different data protection and user memory needs.

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