Innovation wins at Intertraffic 2022

Intertraffic Awards given to projects which save lives and reduce environmental impact
Mobility as a Service / March 30, 2022
By Adam Hill
Intertraffic Awards 2002 parking environment road safety
Congratulations in order (left to right): Rick Joosten (Toogethr); Brahim Lemjimer (Jenoptik); and Alexander Jannink (Acusensus)

A drive to improve society and provide it with better traffic solutions – that is what unites the winners of the Intertraffic Awards 2022.

Pieter Litjens, chairman of the Awards jury and MD of Dutch transport knowledge-sharing platform Crow, said the three winners demonstrated excellence in environmental awareness, inspirational solutions and in making travellers’ experience better. 

First up, winner of the Intertraffic Green Globe Award was Jenoptik for its Traffipole traffic cabinet, whose innovative design enables ITS hardware to function in hot climates without the need for air conditioning, thus reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

The judges said: "It's unusual to find a product which is good for the planet and easy on the eye. Jenoptik has put a lot of thought into the sustainability and environmental effectiveness of this important innovation - but has also realised that it cannot be visually intrusive."

Next was a life-saving solution from Australia: Acusensus Heads Up is an automatic detection system that addresses the growing safety problem of mobile phone use at the wheel. The jury gave it the Intertraffic Inspiration Award because it led the field, providing inspiration for enforcement solutions that have come since it was launched. 

The judges said: "It's hard to think of a solution which is more inspirational than this: everyone in the industry wants to reduce road deaths – Acusensus actually does something practical about it. Driving behavioural change on driver device use is one of the key issues of our times."

The final trophy was the Intertraffic User Experience Award, which goes to Toogethr Parking, which impressed the jury with its dynamic, demand-responsive interface that can also help to enable multimodal travel and ride-sharing. 

The judges said: "Especially relevant in a post-Covid era of blended or hybrid working, the Toogethr platform allows organisations – and employees – to manage their business parking efficiently and effectively. Smart and adaptable, this is a system set up for the future."

Even though it was not one of the three overall category winners, special mention went to road safety barrier system SCReWS from Italian firm Aisico. It’s designed to stop out-of-control vehicles, even where the installation surface is weak – a huge safety benefit.

The judges said: "What seems a relatively simple idea is stunningly effective: not every roadside area provides optimal conditions for solid safety barriers – in fact, often where they are most needed, the conditions are poor."

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