Vaimoo launches Evo Forte

Italian e-bike-share firm says its vehicles can be integrated with existing public transport
Mobility as a Service / June 24, 2022
By Adam Hill
Evo Forte e-bike-share Italy public transport technology (image courtesy: Vaimoo)
Evo Forte: long-lasting battery (image courtesy: Vaimoo)

Electric bike-share company Vaimoo has launched its latest bike, the Forte Evo.

The Italian firm, active in Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and UK, says Forte Evo is designed to be used in both docked (fixed stations) and hybrid (virtual stations) modes.

The bike is equipped with a high-capacity, long-lasting battery that gives the vehicle a longer range and a "torque sensor that provides a smoother and more natural pedaling experience".

Vaimoo says Internet of Things technologies mean that its mobility solutions can optimise the management and maintenance of an entire fleet into "a multimodal travel experience that is integrated with existing transportation systems". 

The e-bikes are manufactured in Italy and the firm also offers racks and management platforms that can be used with third-party technologies. 

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