Openvia & Valerann get asset-rich

Companies combine Geomic road management tool with Lanternn data analytics
Enforcement / September 6, 2022
By Adam Hill
Road asset management machine vision road safety
Road operators will get 'a comprehensive overview', the companies say

Openvia and Valerann have partnered to improve asset management and maintenance for road operators.

Openvia, tech division of Globalvia, has combined its Geomic cloud-based road management product with data analytics tool Lanternn by Valerann.

The joint solution takes operational data from Geomic's various sources about such things as road operations performance and incident detection.

The new platform has been deployed on the AP-53 roadway in Galicia, Spain, where the companies say it has improved situational awareness and increased responsiveness to road safety critical events, extending road coverage from 55% to 100%, eliminating blind spots "and providing a comprehensive overview of the entire road".

They say this enabled an 89% increase in road events detection and 25% time reduction in critical event detection.

Globalvia plans to expand this offer to other concessions in its portfolio, which currently extends to the US, Spain and Portugal.

Openvia MD Fernando Vallejo says the solution is "capable of transforming roads operations through  detecting and validating traffic events in real-time and providing invaluable insights for actionable data-driven decisions leading to increased operations efficiency".

Gabriel Jacobson, CEO and co-founder of Valerann, said the partnership was 'an important step' for the company.

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