Parifex picks Ouster as Lidar supplier

OS1 sensor chosen for precision in speed enforcement and data collection systems
Enforcement / June 8, 2021
By Adam Hill
Parifex NANO-CAM sensor Ouster 3D-LiDAR
Parifex's Nano-Cam sensor includes the Ouster 3D Lidar

Vision and smart city specialist Parifex has signed a deal with Lidar company Ouster.

It means Ouster will be the exclusive Lidar supplier for Parifex's new speed enforcement contract with the French government.

The Radar Urbain project sees an initial 500 mobile and fixed urban speed Lidar enforcement systems deployed in Northern France.

Ouster’s OS1 sensors will be included in these speed enforcement and data collection systems.

“We selected Ouster and its OS1 sensor due to the high resolution which enables Parifex to meet the future needs in
traffic control providing reliable sensors with a high resolution scanning system of the environment and an impressive image precision,” said Parifex CEO Franck Peyré.

Parifex has long worked with the French Ministry of Interior, and says that improvements to its speed control systems using 3D Lidar technology, offers a data collection system for detecting speeding and red-light running.

“With millions of traffic intersections around the world and increased investments to modernise roadways, we see a massive opportunity for our digital Lidar to enable smart cities and improve safety,” said Cyrille Jacquemet, Ouster’s GM for the EMEA Region.

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