Adaptive introduces Vidar 5MP

5MP sensor provides 2432 x 2048 resolution & HDx sensor has 1440 x 1080 resolution
Enforcement / December 21, 2022
By Adam Hill
Adaptive Recognition ANPR vision technology multi-lane enforcement
New camera "performs exceptionally in multi-lane environments", Adaptive insists

Adaptive Recognition has introduced its Vidar 5MP ANPR camera to the market.

The company says its new 5MP sensor means the camera "performs exceptionally in multi-lane environments".

It identifies number plates, make and model, dangerous goods signs and is designed for high-speed traffic, with built-in hardware and software-based triggers for widespread recognition.

The built-in recognition capacity is provided by Adaptive’s Carmen engine and the two 4-core built-in CPUs allow simultaneous high-FPS video streaming, ANPR, MMR, data streaming, and full remote access.

Vidar can optimise zoom and focus settings based on the telemetry report of the on-board gyroscope, accelerometer and laser.

Adaptive says all models are "built for long-term external usage and perform well regardless of weather and other conditions".

The latest Smart 5MpHDx LT models boast two sensors, with the 5MP sensor providing 2432 x 2048 resolution at 30 FPS and an HDx sensor with 1440x1080 resolution at 15 FPS.

The practical benefit is "high-quality images for ANPR over a significantly wider field of view, making it ideal for multi-lane applications, with room for a more flexible set-up", the firm concludes.

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