Adaptive carries out parking Czech

ParkIT smart access control cameras are used at Leoš Janáček International Airport
Parking & Access Control / July 12, 2021
By Adam Hill
Smart access control cameras Adaptive Recognition parking
Smart access control cameras improve efficiency, says Adaptive Recognition

Adaptive Recognition's smart access control cameras are being used to make airport parking more efficient in Czech Republic.

At the Leoš Janáček International Airport in Ostrava, Carmen ANPR software and ParkIT ANPR cameras are part of a system which includes entry terminals, payment kiosks, exit terminals, automatic sensors and image capture.

When a vehicle approaches the barrier, the entry loop under the road’s surface detects it and opens the gate once the driver either retrieves their ticket or, if they possess a time-limited digital parking card, scans a dedicated QR code.

At the end of a stay, ANPR cameras capture the vehicle’s licence plate as it approaches the exit, with the system raising the barrier when it recognises that a fee has been paid.
Adaptive says these parking solutions create benefits such as resource optimisation, allowing parking staff to carry out less mundane duties.

The company suggests digital licence plate data and the use of entry and exit time stamps provides more accurate input for the billing system.

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