Denmark calls on Neology for LEZ

Neology's Clean Air as a Service portfolio is used by Danish road authority Sund & Baelt
Enforcement / March 22, 2021
By Ben Spencer
LEZs Denmark Neology (© Rolandm |
LEZs have been set up to lower emissions in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus (© Rolandm |

Neology has confirmed a combined solution used to manage 'miljoezoner' - low emission zones (LEZ) - in Denmark has demonstrated journey compliance rates exceeding 99.5% within seven months.

Neology and enforcement group Marston Holdings provided Danish road authority Sund & Baelt (S&B) with a solution that combines artificial intelligence and cloud technologies as part of the nationwide miljoezoner scheme. 

Neology's Clean Air as a Service (CaaS) portfolio provides vehicle detection and processing services, fixed and mobile automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) field equipment, image processing software and operation back office solutions with manual review capabilities.

The solutions use AI technologies to detect and enforce vehicles entering the LEZ 24 hours a day and the firm says they have also demonstrated vehicle processing rates near 100% across all vehicle types while efficient enforcement and awareness activities have reduced penalty charge notifications by more than 85% compared to peak period. 

Illegal driving in the Danish low emission zones will cost Kr 12,500 (£1,031) for lorries and buses and Kr 1,500 (£77) for vans.

In 2019, S&B received authorisation from the Environmental Ministry to implement to implement the scheme using LEZs in the cities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus.

Marston company ParkTrade Europe delivered the LEZ office services for domestic and foreign vehicles, including penalty charge noticing (PCN), vehicle database integrations and payment solutions. 

These solutions allow customers to register vehicles, process PCNs and support the collection of fines. 

As part of the project, ITS Teknik deployed Neology's Iris ANPR solution in less than 100 days. 

Lise Jonasen, S&B programme manager, says: “Our partnership with Neology, ITS Teknik and Marston has given us an opportunity to effectively enforce the LEZ scheme with huge reduction of polluting vehicles in the low emission zones.”

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