NTT counts Nevada vehicles 

A web-based management dashboard will present real-time visualisations 
Parking & Access Control / January 19, 2022
By Ben Spencer
NTT Smart Solutions smart park initiatives Nevada Clark County vehicle counting
NTT tech will count vehicle volume in and out of specific roads (© Hxdylzj |

NTT's solutions are being used for 'smart park' initiatives in Nevada, with an initial pilot focusing on vehicle counting at Sunset Park in Clark County. 

NTT Smart Solutions will utilise optical sensors to count vehicle volume in and out of specific roads within the park and nearby carparks. 

The company says NTT Smart Solutions are designed to curate data to reveal trends, discover insights and generate predictive analytics. 

A web-based management dashboard will present real-time visualisations and predictive analysis in a singular pane of view to optimise and improve operational awareness and responsiveness within the park premises.

Clark County Commission vice chairman Jim Gibson, whose district includes the park, says: “The data from this project will help us to better understand how the park is utilised so that we can respond with solutions as necessary -- not only at Sunset Park but at other recreational facilities across the County where we may deploy this technology."

Akira Shimada, senior executive vice president at NTT says: “At the end of 2018, NTT reached an agreement to advance and accelerate smart technologies across Southern Nevada. Today, we are pleased to demonstrate that we continue our partnership and our efforts to support Clark County and the region of Southern Nevada to become leaders for smart project in the country."

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