Perch supplies chargers to LAZ Parking 

Customised recycled shipping containers have been modified to deliver up to 250kWh per day
Parking & Access Control / October 5, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Perch electric scooters charging pod (image credit Perch Mobility)
Perch says a single pod can charge 21 scooters (image credit: Perch Mobility)

Perch Mobility is to deploy charging portals at LAZ Parking locations in the US, so logistics partners and fleet managers can centrally charge collected electric scooters. 

Perch says its Community Charging Portals allow chargers, scooter operators and business owners to bulk-charge scooters. 

The company describes each 20-foot portal as a customised recycled shipping container modified to deliver up to 250kWh per day.

According to Perch, a single portal has four bays (pods), which each has the capacity to charge 21 scooters, with a total unit capacity of 84 scooters at a time. 

Perch co-founder Tom Schreiber says: "Electric scooters are a viable form of transportation – with one pitfall: the inefficiency of the current model to charge and release them back for public use. Our Perch Community Portals are the key to overcome this efficiency barrier.”

“Through our LAZ partnership, we will deploy a network of scooter charging centres to allow the nation's scooter operators, community business owners, property managers, and professional chargers looking to maximise the potential of their 'juicing' activity."

LAZ Parking chairman Alan Lazowski says: "Partnering with Perch Mobility presents an incredible opportunity to support an eco-friendlier way of mobility and to help maximize the profits of individuals quite literally paving the success of electric scooter travel. We are enthusiastic about this partnership and our future endeavors together."

LAZ Parking locations for the trial include Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Austin, Dallas, DC, Charlotte, Columbus.

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