Kapsch finds €4m mobility solution for Vitoria-Gasteiz

Four-year contract aims to ensure reliable and safe mobility in northern Spanish city
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / January 22, 2024
By David Arminas
Spain traffic control tram mass transit Basque (image: Kapsch TrafficCom)
Contract includes maintenance and operation of control elements, such as traffic light and tram priority systems (image: Kapsch TrafficCom)

The Spanish subsidiary of Kapsch TrafficCom has been chosen to manage the traffic information and control systems of Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque region.

The goal of the four-year contract - valued at €4 million - is to ensure reliable and safe mobility in the northern Spanish city. The contract includes the installation, operation and maintenance of software and hardware components of the traffic management systems.

A key aspect is the efficient processing of data collected by various traffic measuring devices, cameras and other sources for monitoring traffic conditions. The data is used for diagnostics and providing information about urban services and mobility, both internally and through radio, web and social networks.

The contract also includes the maintenance and operation of the latest control elements, such as a traffic light priority system or a modern tram priority system in the east of the city, which contributes to greater reliability and faster frequency of public transport.

"To enable sustainable and safe traffic for the future, the digitisation of traffic management is a crucial lever for authorities," said Javier Aguirre, chief executive of Kapsch’s Spanish business.

The company has supplied traffic light systems for the 61 intersections that the intelligent electric buses of the Bus Eléctrico Inteligente (BEI) crosses. 

Bus frequency has improved from 10 minutes to seven minutes, Kapsch says, reducing travel time by 25%.

The extension of the Vitoria-Gasteiz tram to Salburua saw Kapsch set up traffic signal priority systems at 15 intersections

This extension, as well as the one between Angoulême train station and the university campus, will improve connections between the east of the city and the centre.

Vitoria-Gasteiz – sometimes spelled Vittoria in English – has a population of around 255,000 and is the seat of government and the capital city of the Basque Country as well as the province of Álava. Apart from being a major tourist destination, it holds the autonomous community's House of Parliament and the headquarters of the government.

Kapsch TrafficCom, headquartered in Vienna, has subsidiaries and branches in more than 25 countries and sustainable mobility projects in more than 50 countries. Solutions include tolling, tolling services, traffic management and demand management.

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