BlackBerry council to advance auto data 

Founding members of new advisory group to receive access to Ivy development tools 
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / July 1, 2021
By Ben Spencer
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New BlackBerry group is to focus on creating solutions that utilise in-vehicle data (© Wave Break Media Ltd |

BlackBerry has formed a council whose members include Here Technologies to help shape automotive applications launched on its Ivy intelligent vehicle data platform.

The BlackBerry Advisory Council is to accelerate the Ivy development community by focusing on the creation of technology use cases and solutions that utilise in-vehicle data. 

Founding members of the council will receive first access to developer tools and BlackBerry Ivy product releases in addition to joint marketing activities to promote their products. More members are expected to join the council in the coming months.

The council has been established following the ability of BlackBerry Ivy to help OEMs, smart mobility providers, fleet operators and developers utilise the insights from connected vehicles. 

Other launch members include Amazon Web Services (AWS), mobility company Cerence, telecommunications firm Telus and insurance company Geico.

Wendy Bauer, global head, automotive sales at AWS, says: “Collectively, the members of the BlackBerry Ivy Advisory Council will bring their individual expertise to the table and collaborate to solve the biggest challenges in connected mobility, inspire the developer community, and leverage these tools for an improved driving experience.” 

Vito Giallorenzo, senior vice president corporate development at BlackBerry, says: “Innovation in transportation and mobility is advancing at dizzying speeds across many data-driven solution domains. BlackBerry Ivy is a scalable and cost-effective partner to help companies across the entire ecosystem unlock revenue and capture the growth opportunity.”

Ibrahim Gedeon, chief technology officer at Telus, says: “Telus strongly believes that the Ivy ecosystem will provide valuable insights for the companies that manufacture cars and will create a more personalised driving experience for the people who own them.”

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