BlackBerry $50m fund to help auto providers 

Companies will have access to up to $100,000 in AWS credits 
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / March 31, 2021
By Ben Spencer
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BlackBerry says automakers will be able to create responsive in-vehicle services (© Daniil Peshkov |

BlackBerry has established a $50 million fund to help automotive ecosystem providers launch new products using its intelligent vehicle data platform BlackBerry Ivy.

BlackBerry and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the cloud-connected software platform to allow automakers to provide a consistent way to read vehicle sensor data, normalise it and create insights both in the vehicle and in the cloud. 

The company says automakers can use this information to create responsive in-vehicle services that enhance driver and passenger experiences.

The new BlackBerry Ivy Innovation Fund is expected to accelerate the expansion of the Ivy ecosystem with transportation solutions. 

It will be allocated to start-ups focused on developing solutions that can benefit from Ivy's artificial intelligence insights and support from BlackBerry and AWS.

The fund will provide portfolio companies with access to BlackBerry's automotive and cybersecurity domain resources. They will also have access to up to $100,000 in AWS credits through AWS Activate, a programme that helps early stage start-ups speed their development.

This includes access to the Activate Console, a self-service platform that connects start-ups to insights and technical guidance to help build their businesses. 

Vito Giallorenzo, senior vice president corporate development & strategic partnerships at BlackBerry, says: “BlackBerry Ivy has the potential to play a pivotal role in enabling a rich ecosystem of solutions that improve and enhance driver and passenger experiences and ultimately revolutionise the way we get from A to B."

"The BlackBerry Ivy Innovation Fund will be a powerful tool to enable both established and start-up partners to benefit from BlackBerry Ivy’s powerful data insights and help us drive advancements across the entire transportation industry.” 

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