Browsing welcome in Here's Lidar library

Company says it hopes to decrease the costs associated with data collection surveys 
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / January 18, 2022
By Ben Spencer
Here Technologies Here Lidar Data digital twin road network planning traffic congestion
Here Lidar Data allows agencies to access geospatial data for virtualised asset management and road network planning (image credit: Here Technologies)

Here Technologies' global library of three-dimensional Lidar data (Light Detection and Ranging) – which captures roadways and their surroundings – is now available on its platform.

Here says Here Lidar Data enables users to create a 'digital twin' representation of reality with the identification, classification and localisation of objects within +/- 2 centimetres of relative accuracy within the Lidar point clouds.

According to Here, the Lidar data supports a colourised feature that infuses each point with an RGB (red, green blue) value for improved visual contrast of real-world objects within the point cloud.

Here Lidar Data allows the public sector departments and transportation agencies to access highly precise geospatial data for virtualised infrastructure asset management, road network planning, traffic congestion analysis and federal reporting requirements.

Here chief product officer Jørgen Behrens says: "Users can request Here Lidar Data as a Service, or they can access the company’s global library of 3D point clouds via the Here Platform. Our goal is to help decrease the time and cost associated with commissioning traditional data collection surveys.”

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