Road looks familiar in North Little Rock for Swarco McCain

Installation in Arkansas includes McCain ATC Cabinets and eX2 NEMA Controllers
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / March 30, 2023
By Adam Hill
Traffic control travel times signal cabinets central intersection management © Yezenghua21 |
Happy coincidence: McCain on McCain (© Yezenghua21 |

Swarco McCain has installed cabinets at on an appropriately-named road in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

McCain ATC Cabinets and eX2 NEMA Controllers will be put at a dozen intersections on the city's McCain Boulevard.

The deal, through Oklahoma-based distributor Pinkley Sales, follows the city's decision last year to switch from NEMA cabinets to McCain ATC Cabinets

The installation also included McCain ATC eX2 NEMA Controllers plus Omni eX intersection software and McCain Transparity software, and the city says there has been an improvement of eastbound travel times by 18% and westbound by 15%.
“I had a lot of issues with the previous system, so I was looking for something different,” says Jacob Mahan, chief signal technician for the City of North Little Rock.

“I wanted to get away from being called out to a cabinet because there was a faulty wire somewhere. It would take a lot of time to trace down the wire and figure out a solution. Of course, it just happened to be on McCain Boulevard – my team liked the idea of ‘McCain on McCain’ and the mayor was fired up about it, too. It’s a happy coincidence!”

North Little Rock had never previously invested in a central intersection management system.
The design of ATC eX2 Controllers, paired with Omni eX software, is based on the ATC controller standard published by ITE.

The company says they also "allow agencies to preserve their investment by supporting design features that allow migration to newer technology". 

They are backward compatible with NEMA TS1 or TS2, and forward compatible with ATC Cabinets, Swarco McCain adds.

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