Iteris unveils AI detection solution

Vantage Apex combines combines FHD video, radar and AI in hybrid traffic solution
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / November 23, 2021
Iteris Vantage Apex traffic control AI FHD
Vantage Apex combines video detection to distinguish between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians

Iteris has introduced a hybrid traffic detection solution that combines full high-definition (FHD) video, radar and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications and provide traffic agencies with crystal-clear viewing of their intersections.

Iteris says the Vantage Apex is the industry’s first multimodal detection solution to offer this combination of technologies, making this full-featured system stand apart from anything else on the market today.

Integrating AI algorithms

For over 15 years, Iteris has been a market leader in above-ground traffic detection technology and data analytics. The company has dedicated significant resources to developing and refining the detection algorithms of its machine vision systems, which have become some of the most reliable, industry-verified detection solutions available.

With AI already having positive effects on some areas of transportation, Iteris understood the potential of AI to transform the industry – particularly at the intersection level – and make roadways safer, more efficient and more equitable.

The company set out to build upon its most powerful detection platform, Vantage Next, and enhance it with AI and other capabilities to develop Vantage Apex. 

The integrated AI identifies objects based on machine learning using Iteris’ extensive image library, coupled with high-performing neural network algorithms. This enables incredible precision and the capability to reliably detect and classify different road users for traffic planning and operations.

Clarity at the intersection 

Another new capability that the Vantage Apex brings to the Iteris line of detection products is FHD streaming. Vantage Apex offers FHD streaming that delivers 1080p image resolution, typical for online streaming services like Netflix. In contrast, many other HD detection systems on the market only offer standard HD with 720p resolution.

FHD offers ultra-crisp vision with unmatched depth and clarity of traffic intersections for transportation agencies to monitor, verify and respond to traffic conditions from a traffic management centre or remotely on mobile devices via the Iteris Video Viewer app.

The power of radar and video in one system

The detection needs of today have changed. With the increase in speeds and multimodal users, including bicycles and pedestrians, the demand for detection systems to understand the entire mix of traffic has also increased.

Vantage Apex combines video detection to distinguish between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians at the stop bar with forward-fire, 4D high-definition radar up to 600 feet (180 metres) to accurately detect speed, and provide intelligent outputs for decision zones and red-light running applications.

The pairing of these two powerful technologies also provides the enhanced data input needed for adaptive control, signal performance measures (SPM) and advanced ITS applications.

Intersection upgrades made easy

Iteris has simplified the installation process with a single three-wire cable allowing agencies to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade intersections without pulling new cabling. An intuitive software setup tool and the ability to set up remotely or on-site with mouse and monitor make installation and maintenance a breeze.

Vantage Apex is available commercially today.

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